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HEC-RAS with ArcMap

Recently, I replaced my old ArcView 3.2 with the new ArcView 8.1. The main difference between the classical GIS software and the new version with ArcMap when using HEC-GeoRAS is the option to introduce the position of inline structures (i. e. bridges, culverts, weirs and dams) and lateral structures in the original GIS model. In most cases, hydraulic structures may be incomplete and must be finished with the HEC-RAS editor.

Indeed, ArcMap is a functional tool. However, to export HEC-RAS GIS results to AutoCAD, I still prefer Lamina. This is a free utility developed by the Technical University of Catalonia that translates the georeferenced floodplain into a dxf file. Using Lamina just takes one click so it is very convenient to refine the model and iterate until everything makes hydraulic sense (for example, the inundated areas cannot be disconnected from the main river).

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