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My second bridge

If you remember my recent post, you will find the deck of my second bridge similar to that first one. It is placed on a river with a wide flood area and this issue made the project more appealing. The soil was a mixture of mud and sand with poor bearing properties therefore a very deep pile foundations were the only choice. The deepest pile was fitted 21 m under the bed of the river. Sometimes I like to boast that my second bridge was much deeper than taller. The analysis of the components of the substructure were based on a thorough description of the geotechnical conditions obtained from borings and Standard Penetration Tests.

An unexpected difficulty was to persuade the river basin authority that the new structure would not increase the water level more than 10 cm upstream; a calibrated hydrological HEC-RAS simulation did the job.

General view of the bridge

Pier and piles

One of the abutments

Description: prestessed and reinforced concrete girders, deep pile foundations.
Length = 33+33+33+33 m
Width = 11.00 m
Depth = 1.70 + 0.25 m

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