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Free Science? Show me the money man!

1- E-mail from the author of this blog to NAFEMS.

Dear XXX,
I found your free webinar about FE & common sense very interesting but unfortunately I have been off-line part of the time due to a bad internet connection. I was wondering whether it would be possible to obtain the slides of the event.
Thanks a lot. Sincerely,
XM Carreira

2- Good-intentioned reply from NAFEMS.

Hi Xose,
Thank you for taking an interest in the course. I’m sorry to hear you were disconnected during the webinar. I am working on the upload right now and will send you an email when the process is complete.
Best regards,

3- What NAFEMS did in the end.

A copy of this webinar is now available on our website (members only).

Notes: NAFEMS is a non-profit association dedicated to Finite Element and Computational Fluid Dynamics but the actual fact is that individual membership costs about 550€ per year.

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