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Expo-08: Work in progress (II)

First of all, a bit of self-propaganda. Here you have the 3rd Millenium bridge and the author of this blog. I was fascinated by the quality of the materials and the carefulness put into every single detail of this complex work.

Secondly, the extremely realistic wind model tested by Western Ontario Univ. (Canada) and University of Granada (Spain).
Guillermo Capellán -left and with long hair under the helmet- leading the on-site work and proving that he has become one of the most prominent mid-age structural engineers in our days.
And last but not least, the Bridge Pavilion seen from under the 3rd Millenium Bridge. Its metal structure was defined as a huge and expensive piece of junk by a colleague of mine.
It seems they are running behind schedule but they hope to finish in time.

On 14th June the Expo opens. No delays allowed.


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