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Inspirational quote of the day

Avoid software. The problem with software is that everyone has it.


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  2. Oh, great, now I have ad-comments in my blog. How much pays Nokia to you for blogging?

  3. Hey, Mr. Carreira ¿yet a target for spammers? Take it as a sign of succes and popularity of this blog :D
    Very teaching, Mau's manifesto, but I´m starting to get a little tired of decalogs and "magic formula" written by the pattern
    Number. Bold font title. Short description.
    even althoug I use it too. It´s gettin time to erudite redaction.

  4. Most of the posts by Guy Kawasaky- a very popular blog- follow the pattern and it seems that works. Maybe readers want not very complicated posts. I must admit that I am running out of inspiration.

  5. Everyone has that feeling sometime. The way to overcome goes through don't worry, and let it come out from inside, where it lives.