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Destination Madrid

Yes, I am moving to Madrid in 6 weeks due to my girlfriend but this is not the sole reason.
It is well known that Madrid is the third most populous urban area in the European Union (after Paris and London) and the most dynamic financial centre in the Iberian peninsula. The city is inhabitated by people full of dreams and ambition. This means the latest opportunities of attractive engineering projects when the real estate fiesta is over.


  1. What do you think of the Madrid vs Barcelona rivalry? How are they different? (This might be a very stupid question, but I've never been to either.)

  2. Aurélie, if you asked me that question ten years ago the answer would be completely different.

    Madrid was an old-fashioned city of bureaucrats in the 90s but nowadays it is a fast-growing region with excellent infraestructures and an increasingly large influence. I am afraid Madrid has become more dynamic industrially and academically than its rival and the ratio salary/living expenses is better in Madrid. However, Barcelona is still the charming city of sandy beaches, elegant architecture and crowded shopping streets and, not in vane, tourists prefer to visit Barcelona. Anyway, a bit of rivalry and competition is healthy.

  3. ¡What a pity! I don´t forget we still have a pending appointment, and I will try to meet you before you leave, if we both can.

  4. Best of luck in Madrid. Hope everything turns out well for you.

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