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You cannot handle the truth

After the latest meeting of the Institution of Civil Engineers in Spain one of the colleagues sent me by e-mail this funny adaptation of the confrontation between Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise in the film A Few Good Men.

It made me laugh and remember the definition of Rui Wamba: structural engineering implies calculating loads whose magnitude and exact position we do not know for materials whose behaviour we barely understand with a simplified physical model which is plenty of false assumptions in such a sophisticated way that the general public cannot have the slightest suspicion of our degree of ignorance.


  1. I´ve been keeping on mind to comment this post since last year, just for one reason: I almost cryed as this reading sent me back to those days in 1999 when we lost the war. :) I mean, all the protests against the LOE (Ley Orgánica de la Edificación)we made to finally get kicked out of civil building by architects. I never spected to work on civil engineering, but I felt insuted and angry as they devaluated our status without reason.

  2. Well, I must confess that once upon a time I wanted to be an architect but then I figured out that I was better at calculations than I was at drawings. I think I chose the right option: architecture can seem more appealing than engineering to the general public but working as an architect involves spending lots of unpaid hours at the office discussing useless things.