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Stanford free on-line courses

Stanford University is offering free on-line courses in engineering and computer science. No prerequisites are necessary. Some courses seem to grant a statement of accomplishment after passing the quizzes and the final exam. The courses are:

Technology Entrepreneurship
Making Green Buildings
The Lean Launchpad
Introduction to Computer Science
Machine Learning
Model Thinking
Software as a Service
Human-Computer Interaction
Natural Language Processing
Game Theory
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Information Theory

Join and enjoy.


  1. Oh, they beat MIT to it! MIT is launching a similar online learning initiative this Spring, called MITx:

  2. Thanks for the information. Interesting! I will try to keep you informed of the latest initiatives in open e-learning.

  3. What is the purpose of free online classes for no credit? I am curious about that Making Green Buildings class.

  4. ^^The Purpose is that you gain knowledge to use later in the workforce or cross apply. I would definitely recommend checking out that course, and if you are interested and haven't already you should consider getting LEED accredited. I have some free information on taking the test here:
    It's been great for my civil engineering resume.

    And in general open courseware is great. Thanks for sharing!