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The rant of a senior engineer

One of my experienced colleagues made a blunt rant about what he felt were problems within the energy&engineering sector nowadays. Apart from the political views, which I do not totally share, it is an honest, clear, and frank writing for insight about engineering, management and factors that make talented engineers to get totally bummed out. 

"I am at home not working because of sanctions imposed on the Russians and indecision of whether we want to break up UK and Europe into small units. Scotland to break with what is the UK has caused a lot of problem to Oil & Gas and destabilized businesses and prices. Delayed projects that should be happening now. And Catalonia will cause problem for Spain. 
It is my belief more experienced people are sitting at home because they have been forced to continue doing nuts and bolts. The average younger engineers want to be project engineers and project managers only without practicing the core skills properly. It is the people on the shop floor which should be promoted to be managers they have clearer for sight. Consequence is energy will cost us a lot more until we re-address who are the decision makers."

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