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What is it like to be a personal Spanish tutor for techies on Italki?

I have been teaching Spanish and Galician for engineers, techies and business people on Italki for the past year and it is very rewarding for me. If you do not know, Italki is the largest language learning social network with which you may find the partners and language teachers from around the world.

I enjoy the experience because I can share my knowledge and views about a wide variety of engineering and technology subjects such as writing good consulting reports, construction glossaries, architecture and building arts and techniques, entrepreneurship, agile project management and so on. As a tutor you can decide your students, your lesson plan and your schedule.

Unfortunately, incomes can fluctuate a lot. Spanish is one of the cheapest languages on the platform, so you have to be quite a skilled tutor with a strong profile and good reviews to command a good hourly rate. Besides, Spain is a relatively expensive country compared to the rest of Latin America and Italki can only be considered as a sideline.


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