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Stand-by status

Readers and occasional visitors,
Due to a demanding examination of Operating Systems, all my free time after working should be spent on studying. Consequently, this blog is not going to be updated until mid December.
Meanwhile, you can try other excellent spaces on my blogroll.
A million of apologies. See you then.


  1. Good luck in your exam. Look forward to your blogging again after your exams.

  2. Yes, good luck! So no fix of "notonlybridges" for about a month... I guess this will mean even more money for Starbucks :)

  3. Thanks a lot, guys. I had enough of Starbucks shitty coffee when I was freaking in Swansea (UK). Not in vane the president of Starbucks studied there. I prefer the typical inexpensive Spanish torrefacto coffee, like this and, maybe, a bit of ginseng.

  4. Me too, of course! But good luck finding a good cup of coffee like that one in an American café...

    So XM, you know what drink we are going to meet over this Christmas :)

  5. Good luck!

    I guess some other bloggers may take advantage of your inactivity and steal some of your readers. :)

  6. good luck!
    Beautiful Exam, after the positive vote! :)
    In bocca al lupo! ;)

  7. Good Luck!

    Contact me if you need anything!


  8. Scusa se ti rispondo in questo, magari dopo lo cancelli questo commento.
    Ho letto il tuo commento al post delle pratiche energetiche.
    Non si tratta di pratiche industriali anche se in Italia faccio parte anche del settore ingegneria industriale.....
    ciao ciao a presto ;-)

  9. Sei scusato, Filippo. Grazie mile per la chiarificazione. A presto.