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Your structures on Google Earth

Yesterday my short period of "holidays" started. As I told you, on Monday I will take a flight to Madrid to do a terrible examination but, finally, I decided to post some food for thought about a good tool I discovered last week.

I am sure all of you know that visualization of structures is becoming more and more relevant to communicate alternatives during the first stages of our projects. For this purpose, Sketch Up is an easy and free 3D tool developed by the Google IT crowd. It enables you to import DXF drawings, to modify the 3D model quickly and to place it on Google Earth using world geocoordinates.

I have found this software very useful because it allows you to envision before and after scenes to demonstrate how a project will be portrayed. For example, I have created the following visualization on my own in less than half an hour for the preliminary design of a bridge over a river in the North of Galiza (Spain).

The location was chosen to ensure a good landscape integration. From my point of view, the variable sections of the deck and the piers give a touch of slenderness and elegance to the concrete structure. Feel free to comment: I am looking forward to hearing your sincere opinions and advices.

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  2. In the pictures, I cannot see the variable section of the piers, and barely that of the deck. Maybe you could post a close-up?